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Politics affects everyone - even if you don't bother to vote. The Reverb Politics Show, presented by former Brighton and Hove councillor Geoffrey Bowden, puts the men and women making the decisions under the spotlight.

This month's show examines the considerable challenges facing the NHS and local authorities in Sussex and East Surrey seeking to deliver effective mental health services against a backdrop of increasing demand and diminishing financial resources.

Later this month the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is expected to publish its report, The Case For Change, which will go out for wider consultation.  You can have your say via its website:

You may find our more about World Mental Health Day HERE.

If you need support or wish to volunteer, here are a few local organisations you may get in touch with:

MIND Brighton and Hove

Mind OUT

Brighton and Hove District Samaritans

Brighton Housing Trust Mental Health and Wellbeing Service





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